Project Description


IP44 18W surface mounted waterproof led lights

220-240V  | 3000K-6000K | IP44 | 80W/lm  | LED 


  • Up to 80 lumens per circuit watt
  • Highly durable polycarbonate diffuser
  • IP44 weather resistant
  • Smooth, even light distribution


Surface mounted round waterproof led lights, made of ABS housing with UV resistance polycarbonate diffuser. High luminous flux LED sources up to 80lm/W, saving energy 40% against fluorescent.

The luminaire suited for surface mounted on walls, intended for indoor or outdoor use like rooms, staircases, passageways. 

CodePower(W)Number of LEDLuminuous flux(lm)Emergency Microwave sensorDimming
MONA LED15151001200
MONA LED18181201400
MONA LED15EM151001200yes
MONA LED18EM181201400yes
MONA LED15MS151001200yes
MONA LED18MS181201400yes
MONA LED15MD151001200yesyes
MONA LED18MD181201400yesyes