Project Description


4ft Corrosion Resistant Vapor Tight Light Fixtures

85-265V  | 304 Stainless Steel | IP65 | LED  | Emergency | Sensor | Dimming

Class Iled source30000hrs IP65 Emergency versionMicrowave sensor


  • Grade 304 Corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel anti-tamper clips
  • High efficiency up to 120W/lm
  • Matt and clear glass diffuser optional
  • Toughened glass cover retained on stainless steel straps


Corrosion-resistant vapor tight fixture is designed for use in wet areas and saltwater-marine environments where corrosion resistance is requirement. The fixture is constructed of non-corrosive materials including a stainless steel housing, a poured in gasket for reliable sealing and an impact-resistant tempered glass diffuser. Meanwhile, corrosion resistant stainless steel clips secure the cover to the housing and provide a firm lock against the poured in seal to prevent drips and water intrusion. Moreover,  a variety of ways to install to meet requirements, Mounting configurations include ceiling, suspended and wall mounting options. Tempered glass and polycarbonate diffuser are also options. 

This lamp is also ideal for heavy vibratory conditions are present includes petrochemical facilities, lubrication pits, oil drilling rigs and marine loading docks. 

Ambient Temperature:

Operating temperature: -20˚C~ 50˚C 

CodeRated Power (W)Type of LEDLEDs (pcs)Luminous flux (lm)Typle of diffuserClips quantityDimension(mm)DimmingMicrowave sensor Emergency (hrs)
VECTRAPLUS LED218305730723600Glass6710x140x66
VECTRAPLUS LED218EM305730723600Glass6710x140x663hrs
VECTRAPLUS LED218MD305730723600Glass6710x140x66yesyes
VECTRAPLUS LED218MS305730723600Glass6710x140x66yes
VECTRAPLUS LED2363657301444400Glass81310x140x66
VECTRAPLUS LED236EM3657301444400Glass81310x140x663hrs
VECTRAPLUS LED236DM3657301444400Glass81310x140x66yesyes
VECTRAPLUS LED236MS3657301444400Glass81310x140x66yes
VECTRAPLUS LED210185730422200Glass4440x140x120
VECTRAPLUS LED210EM185730422200Glass4440x140x1203hrs
VECTRAPLUS LED210DM185730422200Glass4440x140x120yesyes
VECTRAPLUS LED210MS185730422200Glass4440x140x120yes
VECTRAPLUS LED3364857301925800Glass81300x150x100
VECTRAPLUS LED336EM4857301925800Glass81300x150x1003hrs
VECTRAPLUS LED336DM4857301925800Glass81300x150x100yesyes
VECTRAPLUS LED336MS4857301925800Glass81300x150x100yes